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LLP-1000 Basic

Semi-automatic packaging machine with U-folded film with manual loading table

LLP-1000 Basic

New concept vertical packaging machine with technical characteristics which make it unique. It also produces large bags (500x600mm), by keeping the loading point at one meter from the floor level. The bag can be transported to multiple product loading positions.

Various fields of use: from gaskets to car spare parts, packaging of kits for sink drainage systems where inside the bags we can have any combination of plastic and metal components and other large objects together, such as pipes and siphons.

Available in LLP-1000 S and LLP-1000 M versions for single or multiple loading stations.


Automatic Counting and Packaging machine for sinks’ Plumbing Components
Packaging machine for traps and wastes for kitchen sinks
Semiautomatic packaging machine model LLP-1000

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