RAMAC grew from ideas in the belief to improve quality, innovation and productivity of the packaging process. These values ​​strengthened as a result of our collaborative relationships with our customers to optimize their production process.
It has been our strong belief to work closely with our customers and develop personalised solutions from our common goals to design and build machines with high reliability, high quality and high efficiency.
From the beginning our success is based on this strong mutual respect and close design collaboration with our valued customers and our leading design and production teams.
Our future is based on these personalised working relationships and belief.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

E. Roosevelt
Health and Safety together with reliability is a crucial aspect. Our packaging lines comply with operator safety norms and good working practices.
We believe in the importance of team work where everyone is an essential part of the organization.
“Made for You”
Flexibility is built into all our projects to exceed customers expectations and incorporate customers needs and production demands.
Suppliers are our partners and over many years this has formed into reliable and trustworthy working relationships.
Our machines are designed with state of the art technologies and only using premium approved materials and high quality components ensuring
maximum build quality.
We are focused on sustainability and Eco Friendly solutions with the possibilities of using recyclable, recycled, paper or compostable films.
Our long term philosophy is to maintain continuous innovations with a view to efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
Remote technical support included in all our machines.
Our technicians can address issues and perform real time diagnostics on your machines over internet.

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