Production of packaging machines

We build packaging machines and packaging systems for industries.

RAMAC Packaging Machinery is an Italian manufacturer of packaging machines and packaging lines. Production is internal and customized according to customer needs. An internal design studio, as well as a Research and Development department, allows the creation of innovative, custom-made and turnkey solutions.

Packaging machines for over 30 years

Since 1991 RAMAC has specialized in the packaging of technical items. A success story that has led over the years to the consolidation of a structured reality, well known in the packaging sector.

The many years of experience and know-how built in the technical item packaging market has allowed RAMAC to stand out on the national and international scene. Today it is able to provide customized solutions of a high technological level, with particular attention to the theme of innovation and sustainability.

The best solutions for industrial packaging

Design, production and selling of packaging machines and systems for technical articles: this is RAMAC’s core business.

Production ranges from semi-automatic and automatic counting and packaging machines to weighing lines piece-counters.

The customization of the systems is also supported by the supply of accessories, such as loading, control and coding system devices that are specifically integrated.

This is to provide our customers companies with a solution perfectly integrated with their production lines.

Here some examples of application sectors for our machineries.


RAMAC’s range of machines and packaging lines satisfies the needs of many production sectors.
Among the main areas of application, we find the:

packaging of screws, both in bags and boxes;

packaging of fittings, from hydraulics, to pneumatics, to those for gardening, to saddle clamps, to PRR and PVC fittings, to metal fittings (brass / copper / bronze / steel) and valves;

packaging of toys, in plastic, wood or metal;

packaging of spare parts (parts and spare parts);

packaging of electrical components;

packaging of gaskets and O-rings;

packaging of metal components, such as moulded components, small plastic parts and accessories of various kinds;

packaging of door and window accessories;

packaging of furniture fasteners kits, containing products such as hinges and knobs;

packaging of bathrooms and sinks accessories such as siphons and drains.

Type of packaging

RAMAC offers a complete range of packaging solutions based on different application sectors.

Between these:

Pillow pack standard made from a single wound film reel: Standard pillow bag pouches, Standard pillow bag pouch with Euro slot, Square base gusseted bag, Square block bottom gusseted bag with Euro slot, Multi/Continuous pillow bags – any multiple of bags, Chain pillow bag pouch with Euro slot
Bags with three side seals made from a U-fold film reel: bag with three sided seal, bag with three sided seal and Euro slot, bag with three sided seal plus handle 

Materials and films for pacaking solutions

We use different types of films to provide different types of packaging based on the case use and sector of use.

Here are some:

PE/Polyethylene: impulse sealed recyclable film with high mechanical resistance.
PP/Polyproylene: high transparency recyclable film, usually used for small and light products. Sealed with heating bars suitable for high production speeds.
ECO Compostable: compostable film with high mechanical resistance, impulse sealed.
MULTILAYER: laminated film for special purposes such as bags resistant to external agents. Usually sealed with constant heating bars, suited for high production speeds.
PAPER FILM: recyclable film, impulse or heating bars sealed, satisfies every particular request in terms of sustainability.

Packaging solutions

We are manufacturers of vertical/inclined packaging lines (VFFS) and horizontal packaging machines (HFFS).

Specifically, we offer this type of systems and solutions:

vertical and inclined packaging machines expressly designed for the packaging of technical items

packaging machines with U-fold film with one or more product loading stations for large packages

horizontal flow pack packaging machines, flexible and rapid in format changes for bulky products

automatic or semi-automatic weighing-counting lines with vibrating linear channels or spacer belts, for packaging products in bags/boxes

automatic packaging lines with flexible and precise counting modules

semi-automatic packaging lines for frequent batch changes.

The strengths of RAMAC-Packaging Machinery

RAMAC has been in the sector of packaging machines for industries for more than 30 years. It offers the best solutions on the packaging market for technical items on a national and international scale.

Among the company’s strong points:

  • attention to detail of machines and systems
  • the customization of machinery
  • the internal design studio
  • the remote assistance service
  • thirty years of experience in the sector
  • the innovative and sustainable approach

All this allows us to create custom-made machines and packaging lines, of the highest quality, simple, intuitive and with low management costs.

Production of packaging machines and sustainability in packaging

RAMAC designs and creates packaging solutions with particular attention to protecting the environment.
For this reason it tries to use sustainable materials such as biodegradable and compostable films, recyclable/recycled material and paper films.
This is both to meet the new requests of companies and for a strong desire for growth in terms of respect for the planet and for the future of generations.

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