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Packaging for Screws and Fixings elements

Packaging Screws and Fixings elements

Screws and fixings elements have always represented the technical product par excellence, RAMAC dedicates various solutions for kit packaging in bags and boxes. Our flexible packaging lines guarantee the best and most accurate production results.

packaging screws and screw covers
packaging of fastener and bolting kits
packing screws with eyelet
metal collar kit packaging
packing metal bushings
wrapping of hose clamps
wrapping metal ties
packaging screws


Automatic packaging line for fasteners and fixing elements
Semiautomatic box loading stations with weight control
Bag and Box automatic packaging line for fasteners
Semi-Automatic Weighing Machine
Multihead-weigher with V-HSS
Automatic packaging line for metal components
Automatic Weighing Line complete with Box Infill System.
Automatic Weighing and Counting Line for Carton Box
Counting / weighing and packaging line for screws


Packaging for Screws and Fixings elements

Automatic counting and packaging lines

Weighing lines - piece counters

Semi-automatic packaging lines


Packaging machines with U-fold film reel

Counting and weighing modules

End of line and accessories

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