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LM Series – S

Automatic Kit Packaging Line with Mezzanine Counting Stations

LM Series – S

Automatic counting and packaging line LM Series – S with elevated Mezzanine section. The counting modules are extremely flexible and able to cater for many different product types. This type of system is well suited for the preparation of kits and meets the need for particular production requirements.

From analysing the products and customer specific needs the most effective and flexible line configuration is designed and will be fitted with the most suitable counting modules.
The counting modules can be supplied with CM-Control integrated check weigher control on board to ensure packaging integrity.

In addition to the automatic loading stations, it is possible to equip the line with manual loading stations for the handling of more complex and delicate products.
The modular concept of LM Series – S allows for quick and easy (Plug & Play) expansion of additional loading stations at a later date. This option makes future expansion to increase production capacity easy to implement, saving costs of new lines.

Products can be packaged by both our V-Series and LLP-1000 Series packaging machines to suit product and project technical specifications.


LM Series - packaging of plastic toys
Mezzanine automatic packaging line for small plastic toys complete with recirculation system
LM Series - packaging of plastic toys
Mezzanine automatic packaging line for small toys complete with manual loading table stations

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