metal component

Packaging of Metal components

packaging of small metal components

The metal components packaging sector requires different types of solutions according to the project’s specifications. RAMAC with its modular concept and custom packaging lines offers automatic or semi-automatic loading station solutions.
Similar solution can be utilized for the packaging of printed products, plastic components and different accessories.

packaging of turned metal articles
packaging small metal parts
packaging of small metal articles
packaging of small plastic articles


Automatic weighing and packaging line for industrial box
Semi-Automatic Weighing Machine
Automatic packaging line for metal components
Automatic Weighing Line complete with Box Infill System.
Weighing and bagging machine for fasteners


Packaging of Metal components

Automatic counting and packaging lines

Weighing lines - piece counters

Semi-automatic packaging lines


Packaging machines with U-fold film reel

Counting and weighing modules

End of line and accessories

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