Counting module with weight control device and auto-adjustable track

CM - Control R

Counting module with weight control device and auto-adjustable track

Reliable and flexible, CM-Control R is the vibro-selection system equipped with a weighing basket system together with a self-adjustable track. The system can work in two different modes ensuring an efficient loading and an accurate control of both small and large quantity of product.

In the first mode (from 1 to 50 pieces) the product is fed and singularized by a circular vibratory feeder. Once singularized, the products are counted and managed by a system consisting of two baskets and one reject diverter.
The software allows to feed the required number of products into the weighing basket and to intercept any possible extra piece with the top basket; this extra piece will be considered the first one of the next batch. Furthermore, the top basket pre-accumulates the products for the next batch, increasing the machine’s efficiency.
The CM – Control R weighing basket, connected to the loading cell, allows for high precision control of the counted products.
The pneumatic diverter moves the products to the packaging system (in case of correct batch) or diverts/rejects any incorrect batches.  If the batch is incorrect, the counting module will automatically prepares a new replacement batch.
In the second mode (with a quantity higher than 50 pieces), the device works with a weighing system for the rough feed operation and will count the final difference to meet the correct final target weight. Taking a single product sample weight and computing the total number of pieces required for the package target weight, the circular vibrator will then feed the pieces directly into the weighing basket making use of the entire width of the feed track to increase production throughput.
Once the major rough weight value has been reached, the system will automatically reduce the width of the track to fine feed singular the products for final weight accuracy. At this fine dose point, the counting device will count one by one the remaining pieces to complete the batch.

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