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Packaging of Furniture Fasteners Kit

furniture hardware kit packaging

The packaging of furniture hardware kits is one of the most important sectors for our company.
From the packaging of hardware furniture kits to hinges and knobs, RAMAC provides specific and customized solutions for every type of kit requirement.
The large variety of components kits requires flexible and reliable loading systems. RAMAC has developed packaging lines with extremely flexible CM-Control loading systems, specifically developed to ensure maximum speed and accuracy by cross checking every single product.

packaging of furniture fasteners
packaging of small parts
knob packaging
packaging of handles


Automatic packaging line complete with box managing system equipped with pantograph unit
High speed packaging line for knobs
Automatic packaging line for furniture fasteners
Manual loading table with sequential weight control
Packaging machine for furniture fasteners kit complete with instruction manual feeder
Packaging line for furniture fasteners with double control in each counting module
Automatic counting and packing line of fasteners for drawers
Horizontal Flowpack HFFS Packaging machine model RAMCO IB-580 from RAMAC Packaging Machinery


Packaging of Furniture Fasteners Kit

Automatic counting and packaging lines

Weighing lines - piece counters

Semi-automatic packaging lines


Horizontal packaging machines

Packaging machines with U-fold film reel

Counting and weighing modules

End of line and accessories

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