Semi-automatic weighing/counting system


Semi-automatic weighing/counting system

Semi-automatic weigher PST-05 dedicated to produce industrial packaging, ideal for companies with medium-low production quotas or with short production batches. The machine is designed for fast change over to minimize the settings for format change.

PST-05 is the simplest, most intuitive and versatile weigher of the entire weighing and counting system range, suitable for a wide range of products such as screws, fasteners, fittings and metal or plastic components. The weighing system allows to fill boxes or bags.

The presence of the operator is required to complete the loading operation. Once the box is filled, it will be replaced with the next one while the latter is filled, the operator will close, label and palletize the previous box, reducing packaging times and costs.


PST-05 semi-automatic weighing machine
Semi-Automatic Weighing Machine

Automatic lines catalogue

Weighing lines – piece counters

This range of automatic and semi-automatic weighers is designed for packaging various quantities of items into boxes and bags.

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