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RAMAC Packaging Machinery is a highly specialised company focused on the design and construction of packaging lines integrating other peripheral machines and assemblies required to build complete lines for packing a wide range of hardware products.

Our strength is in designing customized machines with our own sub-assemblies and major components that we designed and build down to the smallest details, making our lines simple, intuitive and with low operating costs.

The experience and know-how gained over the many years has enabled us to create leading-edge and highly competitive hardware packaging lines.

The company Vision has always been:
Customize every request by becoming your specialized packaging partner for the technical sector.

RAMAC packaging machinery
RAMAC Our mission


Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. We always share mutual ideas and knowledge with our customers to create and provide the best technical solutions and maintain a long-term collaborative relationship.

The Mission is stated in the company slogan:
“Your Product, Our Package – we are committed to offer you a custom-made machine for each of your products, with a constant search for high quality”.


Owing to continuously sharing knowledge with our customers, we can supply packaging lines that satisfy the most demanding needs, serving such diverse sectors such as furniture fixing hardware, fixing screws, nuts and bolts, plumbing and heating products, toys, car spare parts, electrical components, gaskets and more.

We build turnkey packaging lines with both bags and boxes with automatic loading systems custom built to our customer’s production needs.

RAMAC our costumers
RAMAC Research and development


The high standards of productivity and reliability demanded by the industry drive us to innovate and develop more innovative solutions.

We have our own in-house research department where we test new technologies and materials.


RAMAC Packaging Machinery has always enhanced the relationship with customers by keeping them up to date with the latest developments and guaranteeing rapid and effective support backed by our remote diagnostic internet access systems which comes as standard with all our machines.

RAMAC services



RAMAC is founded. The company starts as a commercial machinery marketing agent for companies involved in the field of packaging for hardware products.


Start of our own packaging machine production company. The experience and knowledge acquired led to the creation of a technical production department for vertical form-fill (VFF) machines incorporating automatic counting systems.


The BL-04 automatic weighing and counting system is developed. This launches RAMAC into the industrial packaging sectors. Other models of weighing and counting system, including the semi-automatic the PST-05 model, which are designed to cater for an ever increasingly extended range of hardware products.


The LLP-1000 vertical packaging machine is created. This purposely designed packaging machine opens up important new possibilities for the packaging of products such as siphons, sink kits, gardening articles, O-rings, gaskets and more.


The expansion of our factory production area is an indicator of our company’s strong progressive growth over these twenty years.


The design and construction of the first fully automatic pipe fittings packaging system marks an important stage in our product development. Starting from the bulk bins of the pipe fittings, the packaging process progresses through to the counting phase then packaging into single bags, then placing the packed bags into boxes, ending with the carton palletization station. This is an entirely automatic, modular process, complete with all the control systems ensuring the quality of the packaging and interfacing to the customer’s production management systems.


The engineering of automatic packaging systems, first in bags and then in boxes, is now extended to other market sectors.


The sales department is strengthened with particular focus on the foreign export markets.


RAMAC has been operating for 30 years and now welcomes the next generation of leaders to join the company’s management team.


RAMCO is born, the first horizontal packaging machine designed and developed by RAMAC specifically for technical items.


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