Packaging machines for paper film

RAMAC’S over thirty years of experience allows to develop increasingly innovative solutions in the technologies used and regarding the types of packaging offered to the customer. We manufacture customized packaging machines for technical products with paper films.

Why do we manufacture paper film packaging machines?

Paper is one of the most requested materials to package products, by combining commercial demands with the sustainability of packaging and environment.

Paper, if produced according to specific criteria, represents a material that is recyclable several times and has a reduced environmental impact.

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Sustainability: green packaging for a production protecting the environment

It’s important each actor in the production chain acts consciously and respectfully of the surrounding environment. Consumers requires more and more a particular attention to the environment, favoring materials bio-based, recycled or recyclable. Technical products, including plastic materials, rubber-made, metal parts and many others are generally packaged in polythene, however, there are increasingly in demand to move towards sustainable materials.

In fact, at RAMAC we develop machinery for the packaging of technical items suitable for the creation of paper packs, recyclable and/or compostable bags, an excellent solution in terms of sustainability.

What features does a paper packaging machine have?

Ramac manufactures machineries which are able to package technical products even in paper. Technical products have features that make this type of packaging more difficult (i.e. sharp or heavy items). Our packaging machines, thanks to the high technological level and the possibility of creating custom-made solutions, use recyclable film, in order to satisfy every particular request in terms of sustainability.

We manufacture the following types of machines for paper film:

Vertical packaging machines
Inclined packaging machines
Horizontal packaging machines
Automatic counting and packaging lines
Semi-automatic packaging lines

Furthermore, all our machines can be connected remotely for teleassistance, another point in favor of sustainability.

For which sectors can it be functional?

RAMAC Packaging Machinery designs and manufactures packaging machines and packaging lines for technical items thanks to an internal Research & Development department. We manufacture packaging machines for paper films, thanks to our experience of more than thirty years for several sectors of application including:

What type of bag/box can we make?

RAMAC offers a complete range of packaging solutions adapting to different manufacturing sectors and their specific requirements, from paper bags to paper boxes:

Pillow Pack standard made from a flat film reel. The pack is formed by wrapping the film around the (interchangeable) forming tube, which then determines the width of the bag. The bag’s length in millimetres can be adjusted from the operator panel.
Various types of paper Boxes for different sectors of application, RAMAC manufactures systems for the management and filling of boxes.
custom made paper film packaging

And if you are looking for a custom-made packaging machine?

We can make it happen, thanks to our internal design studio.

Contact us to find out more.

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