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Packaging of Fittings

packaging of fittings

The pipe fittings sector has large and odd shapes parts and requires customized solutions. PPR, PVC, metal and plastic fittings, valves and saddle clamps are some of the products RAMAC has many years of experience in packaging and parts handling and can offer application specific solutions.
We have both pipe fittings packaging lines for small productions runs offering a complete packaging line solution from the bagging up to palletizing.

PPR fittings

PPR fitting packing

PVC fittings

PVC fitting packaging

Metal fittings (brass / copper / bronze / steel)

packing metal fittings


valve packing

Pneumatic fittings

packaging of pneumatic fittings

Hydraulic fittings

packaging of hydraulic fittings

Fittings for gardening

gardening fittings packaging

Saddle clamps

packaging of bracket sockets


Box managing system for pipe fittings
Automatic weighing and packaging line for industrial box
Automatic packaging and boxing line for pipe couplings
Automatic packaging line for metal pipe fittings and accessories
PVC connectors Packaging Line
Automatic packaging line for pipe couplings
Packaging line for PPR pipe couplings
Packaging Line for Pipe Fittings
Automatic packing line for saddle clamps
Boxes’ s handling and loading line for different productions at the same time
Weighing and bagging machine for fasteners
PPR pipe connectors counting and bagging line with No. 2 automatic counters
Horizontal Flowpack HFFS Packaging machine model RAMCO IB-580 from RAMAC Packaging Machinery


Packaging of Fittings

Automatic counting and packaging lines

Weighing lines - piece counters

Semi-automatic packaging lines


LLP-1000 Series

Horizontal packaging machines

Counting and weighing modules

End of line and accessories

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