Automatic weigher with product separation acceleration belts

WE-C 05

Automatic weigher with product separation acceleration belts

Automatic weigher with dynamic belt separation system WE-C 05, dedicated to producing bags with any predetermined quantity of product. Examples are plastic, rubber, silicone products such as gaskets, O-rings, gardening fittings and more.

The WE-C 05 weigher has a series of drop-down belts with controlled speed, which have the purpose of forming a uniform/constant low layer of product. The product is then weighed and conveyed to the packaging machine (usually LLP-1000 Series), or to a box handling system or both.

The complete visibility and accessibility of the entire process contributes significantly to limit the possible contamination due to the change of production batches.


WE-C 05 counting weighing line for gaskets
Weighing / counting and packaging line for O-rings
WE-C 05 weighing and packaging line for silicone products
Weighing and packing line for silicone components
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Weighing lines – piece counters

This range of automatic and semi-automatic weighers is designed for packaging various quantities of items into boxes and bags.

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