Counting module with weight control device

CM - Control

Counting module with weight control device

Fast and precise, CM-Control is the vibro-selection system equipped with a weighing basket, guarantees accurate control by the double check (counting and weighing).
The products are fed and singularized by a circular vibratory feeder. Once separated, the products are counted and managed by a system consisting of two baskets and one diverter.

The software calculates the required number of products in the weighing basket and will intercept any possible extra piece with the top one; this extra piece will be considered the first one of the next batch. Furthermore, the top basket pre-accumulates the products for the next batch, increasing the machine’s efficiency.

The CM – Control weighing basket, connected to the loading cell, allows high precision control of the counted products.
The pneumatic diverter translates the product to the packaging system (when a correct batch) or will divert or push the incorrect batch off the line. If the batch is incorrect, the counting module will automatically prepare a new one.
This double-check technology eliminates counting errors, due to incorrect adjustments of the system, and avoids the packaging of defective or contaminating products, which would be impossible to detect with an end-of-line weight control.
Progressively the weight control system integrated in the counting module has become the most used device by customers who need high performance and meticulous control on kit components.

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