Inclined Form, Fill and Seal packaging machine V-110 I

V-110 I

Inclined Form, Fill and Seal packaging machine V-110 I

Packaging machine model V-110 I; produces standard pillows bags with maximum dimensions 175x300mm, starting from a flat reel of heat-sealable film (PE, BIO, PP, Multilayer, Paper).

Latest generation PLC controllers and Panel PC intuitively allows for the management of recipes and machine settings and is equipped with our internet remote assistance feature.

Use of only top brand Electrical and pneumatic components which are readily available. Minimize management costs due to the careful design and component selection for the precision assemblies such as sealing and cutting components.

The 45° inclined packaging machine is suitable for wrapping heavy products or for articles with fragile surfaces, such as products with external threads.


Speed30 ppm (PE – BIO) / 40 ppm (PP – Multilayer)
Packaging materialPE – PP – BIO – Multilayer – Paper
Bag dimensionsUp to 175 x 300 mm
Bag weightUp to 10 Kg
Øe forming tubeUp to 110 mm
Reel typeFlat film reel
Reel widthUp to 375 mm
Øi reel core70-76 mm
Øe film reelUp to 300 mm
Power2.6 Kw 5.3 A 400V 3PH+N+PE 50Hz (PE – BIO)
3.5 Kw 7.8 A 400V 3PH+N+PE 50Hz (PP – Multilayer)
Air pressure6 bar
Air consumption280 Nl/min (PE – BIO) / 250 Nl/min (PP – Multilayer)
Weight400 Kg


  • Touchscreen Panel PC with Windows operating system
  • Manage and store working parameters
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance mode
  • Interchangeable forming tube
  • Dancing roller for constant film tension
  • Bag length adjustment via encoder
  • Cross sealing/cutting jaws with independent triple movement (only PE – BIO)
  • Cross sealing/cutting jaws incorporating product jam sensor
  • Bag detaching device
  • Seal cooling system (only PE – BIO)
  • Chain-bags
  • Pneumatic reel holder


  • Euroslot
  • Eye mark detection photoelectric cell for printed film
  • Film perforation roller (only PE – BIO)
  • Pneumatic punch for quick air displacement (only PE – BIO)
  • Easy opening
  • Pneumatic bag support (only PE – BIO)

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