Semi-automatic Vertical packaging machine with U-fold film


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Semi-automatic Vertical packaging machine with U-fold film

New concept vertical packaging machine with technical characteristics which make it unique. Vertical packaging machine with single or multiple loading stations with U-fold film reel (PE, BIO); it also produces large bags (500x600mm), even with heavy weights, without central sealing.

The absence of the forming tube together with the horizontal bag advancement allow products to be loaded directly into the bag by keeping the loading point at one meter from the floor level, making the LLP-1000 versatile and ergonomic. The bag can be transported to multiple product loading positions.

The modularity of the machine allows you to split the loading of the products, even of large dimensions, in multiple stations. 

The semi-automatic packaging machine with U-folded film can be combined with a manual loading table, possibly equipped with weight control which allows an accurate check of the products to be packaged.

Latest generation PLC controllers and Panel PC intuitively allows for the management of recipes and machine settings and is equipped with our internet remote assistance feature.

Various fields of use: from gaskets to car spare parts, packaging of kits for sink drainage systems where inside the bags we can have any combination of plastic and metal components and other large objects together, such as pipes and siphons.


Speed20 ppm
Packaging materialPE – BIO
Bag dimensionsUp to 600 x 500 mm
Reel typeU-fold film reel
Reel widthUp to 580 mm
Øi reel core70-76 mm
Øe film reelUp to 350 mm
Power4 Kw 10 A 400V 3PH+N+PE 50Hz
Air pressure6 bar
Air consumption180 Nl/min
Weight650 Kg


  • Touchscreen Panel PC with Windows operating system
  • Manage and store working parameters
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance mode
  • Triple dancing rollers for automatic speed adjustment for constant film tension
  • Bag length adjustment via encoder
  • Seal cooling system
  • Pneumatic reel holder


  • Euroslot
  • Handle device
  • Eye mark detection photoelectric cell for printed film
  • Film perforation roller
  • Pneumatic punch for quick air displacement


LLP-1000 Basic macchina di confezionamento
Packaging machine for traps and wastes for kitchen sinks
LLP-1000 Basic macchina di confezionamento semiautomatica
Semiautomatic packaging machine model LLP-1000

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