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V – Control E

Semi-automatic packaging machine with manual loading table complete with weight control mounted on buckets conveyor

V – Control E

The V – Control E weight control allows accurate control of the products to be packaged and prevents packing non-compliant batches.

The position of the table on the conveyor guarantees operator ergonomics. Leaving the operator only task of loading the products, without having to worry about handling the packages, considerably reduces packaging times and costs.

V – Control E is ideal for companies with low production quotas or frequent batch changes, but offers the flexibility to upgrade the machine with automatic loading systems, thanks to the modular design concept of the RAMAC systems.

Available in V-110, V-140, V-170 vertical and inclined versions.


V - Control E packaging line for window and door accessories
Packaging line for window and door accessories
V - Control And weight control
Manual loading table with sequential weight control

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