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Box handling lines

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Box handling lines

For turnkey solutions or for the integration of a packaging line, RAMAC develops and manufactures box handling systems for different applications, from forming, filling, quality controls to closing and then final stage of palletizing.


Box managing system for pipe fittings
Automatic weighing and packaging line for industrial box
Automatic bags in box packaging system, for pipe fittings
Boxes’ s handling and loading line for different productions at the same time
Box managing system with pivoting spheres
Box managing system with pivoting spheres
Box handling unit by roller conveyor
Semiautomatic box loading stations with weight control
Bag and Box automatic packaging line for fasteners
Automatic packaging line complete with box managing system equipped with pantograph unit
Automatic Weighing Line complete with Box Infill System.
Automatic Weighing and Counting Line for Carton Box
Weighing / counting and packaging line for O-rings
Automatic counting and packaging line for plastic bricks

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