RAMAC, a history of 30 years…

Dear all,

this year we’ve crossed the milestone of RAMAC’s 30 years: it is a great satisfaction and we wish to share it with those who have contributed to achieve this goal.

Thanks to our customers, who have pushed us to improve continuously, to the historical suppliers, who over the years have always proved to be professional and reliable and last but not least a huge thanks to the main protagonists of this journey: our guys and collaborators.

It is said in life to succeed it also takes luck; we were very lucky to find you on our path.

Those who have been in RAMAC for the longest time have taken on great responsibilities and among these that of making newcomers grow: the younger ones immediately fell into the team spirit, demonstrating a great willingness to learn. In a short time, a well-prepared team was built, united by a contagious enthusiasm, a strong sense of belonging and ready to face up to various challenges.

Finally, 2021 is an important year for RAMAC also because the second generation has joined the company. We wish you as much satisfaction and that, one day, you will be able to celebrate occasions like this.

RAMAC team

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