New packaging machines for large bags

Ramac constantly works to improve the quality and performance of the packaging machines it designs and produces. We present the LLP-1000: a packaging machine designed for the packing of big products. An extremely efficient machine, also ideal for the packaging of heavy metal components.

Packaging machines designed for big products
The peculiarity of the machine is it allows you to make a very large bag while maintaining the loading point at 1 meter from the floor. Furthermore, the bag can also be of considerable weight; the components can be of various nature, e.g. metallic or plastic.

The technical characteristics
Our LLP-1000 can be equipped with:
> One product loading station
> Multiple product loading stations
> Automatic counting modules

In which industrial sectors can they be used?
A cutting-edge product which, thanks to the use of new technologies, is perfectly suited to multiple application sectors. From car parts to hydraulics (for example with the packaging of siphons), to the toy and gardening articles industry.

Why choose a Ramac packaging machine made in Italy?
The LLP-1000 machine is quite unique in its kind: it allows packaging in even very large bags while maintaining the loading point at 1 mt from the floor. This allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position which facilitates loading. A product that is certainly innovative, as is the company, involved in the 100% Italian production of packaging machines for technical items. Ramac LLP-1000 is therefore the ideal solution for packaging large and heavy pieces.

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