RAMAC packaging machines for collectible toys

From customer needs to solving the problem of small component dimensions: a successful case study in the toys sector.

Small and light toys which require an innovative packaging system
The customer is one of the leaders in the production of collectible toys, small, light and sometimes with a strong electrostatic charge. It is a company with offices in several European countries and which exports internationally. The desire was to manage and improve the packaging of these products and this is where RAMAC fits in.
RAMAC – Packaging Machinery is a highly specialised company focused on the design and construction of packaging lines for hardware products. Based in Schio in the province of Vicenza, the company serves an international market. The company focus is on the packaging of components in plastic, metal, rubber, etc. which can be used in various applications. A sector of strong interest is that of toys where the customer’s need may be to package in bags, boxes, or jar of various kinds, with one or more different components.

The company’s need: to package small and light items
The customer’s need was to automatically package kits for the creation of “collectible toys” in a limited series. The components to be counted and packaged were made of plastic and rubber, with small dimensions, of the most varied shapes and with weights, in some cases, equal to 0.1 g. We also add that these were components with a strong electrostatic charge.
RAMAC took up the challenge by designing a customized line, where the kit is completely managed on a mezzanine and then conveyed directly to the packaging machine below.
This configuration has allowed us to minimize the handling of all these extremely small and light components, eliminating or at least reducing to a minimum, the possibility that they could be “lost on the path which takes them to packaging”.

In this case also the RAMAC team followed its Mission stated in the company slogan:
“Your Product, Our Package – we are committed to offer you a custom-made machine for each of your products, with a constant search for high quality”.

Customer-supplier collaboration as the key to success
At RAMAC we have always believed in order to develop innovative solutions satisfying the customer’s needs, it is essential to listen to their problems so that we can “grow” together.
We owe a lot to the collaborations established over the years with various customers which have allowed us to learn, grow and develop increasingly innovative solutions” as the founders of RAMAC recall.
In this case the customer, a large company that produces this type of “toys”, greatly rewarded us by purchasing more machines of this type.

The result obtained: an automatic, flexible, precise system
Having to deal for the first time with components with such characteristics, very small, light and with a high electrostatic charge, immediately pushed us to look for alternative solutions to those normally used. We were able to test and then strengthen new technologies that we had not previously used. Today, we have extended this new knowledge to other application sectors, where they were not previously used; the results are comforting.
In this new year, we will build a new concept kit line where, alongside the devices that have been consolidated for years and which have made our history, we will combine these new technologies which further raise our production standards.

At RAMAC we love challenges and we are ready to undertake them with you!
We firmly believe that one of our strengths is taking care of the customer’s needs, which pushes us to innovate and customize our solutions according to their desires. Over the years we have specialized in various sectors, including toys, and this has led us to recognize certain problems, analyze them, find a solution and then replicate it in similar cases.
We believe that an optimal solution can only arise from customer-supplier collaboration and we are ready to listen to your needs.

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