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Versatile and modular vertical packaging machine with one or more product loading stations (up to five).
The ergonomics of the machine allows you to load the product at a height of one meter from the floor level, while also managing large bags max. 500×600 mm, without central welding (recyclable polythene film or compostable material).
The new 3D robot guide system, combined with innovative software, allows the complete picking of objects placed in bulk in a container. Thanks to the different gripping systems, it is possible to load multiple types of products.


Automatic line, for kit packaging, modular, flexible and with loading systems that guarantee absolute packaging quality (recyclable or bio films).

  • Counting module with integrated CM-Control weight verification device, to guarantee double control;
  • Counting module with vision system suitable for expelling the non-compliant piece;
  • Table for manual product loading with sequential weight control which allows you to load even complex products, eliminating the possibility of human error.


The new RAMCO range of horizontal packaging machines is specifically designed for the packaging of technical items.
Extremely flexible packaging machine, it allows quick packaging of products, even heavy ones, with different shapes and sizes without damaging the surface if these are painted or coated.
The careful study of the new line also allows a quick and easy format change, as well as the possibility of loading the product both automatically and manually.

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